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First you need to setup your Identities. These can represent your clients, your own companies, different websites you own or manage...basically any entity that has a set of social accounts.




Next, you need to hook up your social channels. These represent your social accounts, like your Facebook Page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, or Tumblr blog. Simply do a 1-time authorization of each channel, and you're good-to-go.




If you want to really automate your marketing campaigns, you can add an RSS feed to an Identity, and any new content will get auto-posted to whichever Channels you want.

Add RSS Feed


If you want, you can "curate" a Feed, meaning you will review and edit/comment on each post before it gets published.


We really let you fine-tune how you want the Feed to be handled. You can control how often it's queried, how many items to post at once, the time interval between posts. You can go into even more detail by switching to advanced scheduling, where you can select the time zone and up to six time slots a day, each day of the week, when your posts will be published.

Feed Scheduling



You can even write custom posts and attach your own photos to them. DoSocial will send them out to your selected Channels.

Add Post


If you want to schedule a post to be published at a specific date, time, and time zone, we give you that capability. There's likely an optimal time that your posts can reach the highest number of followers possible.

Post Scheduling


Facebook Page Tabs

Supercharge your Facebook Pages by adding custom Tabs that contain YouTube or Twitter content.

YouTube tabs

This is how you set it up:

Facebook Page - YouTube tab setup

And this is how it looks:

Facebook Page - YouTube tab - Gangnam Style

Twitter tabs

This is how you set it up:

Facebook Page - Twitter tab setup

And this is how it looks:

Facebook Page - Twitter tab


Trending Content

It takes a lot of work to keep on top of all your social media accounts. You have to search the web, finding niche-specific content to post in order to keep your followers engaged. You can't be too self-promotional or you'll lose fans. So you need to be constantly looking for captivating content to keep your community interested in your brand. Talk about a full-time job!

We knew there had to be an easier way...

So, we developed the Trending Content tool. It allows you to choose the hottest content specific to your business, and have it posted to your social channels. Our resident "Content Experts" spend hours every day, scouring the internet for the most popular content, and enter it into the Trending Content system so it's available for you to share with your followers.

Here's how you set it up:

Trending Content - setup

Choose your Categories and Tags

These are the topics that you're interested in and want to share with your followers.

Select your Channels

These represent your social media accounts, like your Facebook Page or Twitter account.

Trending Content - schedule

Manual approval

Either we can email you with recommended Trending Content, and then you just select which items to publish, or you can give us permission to publish the content on your behalf.

Choose your schedule

Select your time zone, then choose up to six different times each day of the week that you want the Trending Content to be published. That's a lot of scheduling flexibility.

And then once your setup is complete, you will either:

  1. Receive an email with your trending content suggestions, that you can either approve or decline.
  2. Have your trending content automatically posted to your social channels.


And hopefully, you'll start to see increased engagement of your social media posts, like this Facebook post:

Trending Content - Facebook Insights

And this Tweet:

Trending Content - Twitter Analytics



Sharesly is a tool used to share either your own content, or anyone else's (like an industry expert), with a beautiful Call-To-Action popover button that helps drive traffic to your blog posts, sales pages, squeeze pages...wherever you want. The shortened links can then be shared on social media sites, through email, instant messaging, text messages, etc.

We use our own URL shortener ( to create the shortened links. This allows us to track analytics, such as opens, button clicks, as well as data about the visitors such as their country or whether they were using a desktop or mobile device.

This is how you set it up:

Sharesly - Add Page

And this is how it looks (live example):

Sharesly Example


Sharesly Custom Short Codes

Sharesly custom short code

Rather than something obscure like:
(which displays an article titled "16 Social Media Tools To Explode Your Business")

Wouldn't you rather have:

Don't you think you'd get more clicks? :)


Sharesly Social Buttons

Sharesly social share buttons

You can add a floating social media button bar to your Sharesly Pages. This makes it super easy for viewers to promote them to their social channels and can really help your Sharesly content go viral... which will result in more traffic to your site.


Sharesly Tracking Tags (new!)

Sharesly tracking tags available

If you've done a lot of PPC advertising, you're likely familiar with tracking pixels / tags. These are typically a small bit of Javascript code that you can embed in a 3rd party webpage, to track visitors and collect metrics for your ad campaigns. You can even use it for retargeting campaigns.

This is powerful when combined with Sharesly, because when your Sharesly page goes viral, you can easily track its visitors, and use this information to know how effective your marketing campaign was, as well as use this information for future campaigns.

Here's the services we allow you to add tracking tags for:

  • Google AdWords Remarketing
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Twitter Remarketing



We keep track of what's important to you: Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and other social mentions and reputation data. Then we display it in easy-to-read graphs and charts.




We love talking to our members. That's how we keep our finger on the pulse of what you want, what would make your life easier...and we can continue to make DoSocial better and better.

So, if you ever have any questions, problems, compliments, or are just lonely, you'll see a Intercom popup button button in the lower right corner that you can use to connect with us. Or if you'd rather, simply send us an email at We're online every day and it's not unusual to get a reply within minutes.

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