You can now reference the Twitter author!

I've got some good news for you Twitter marketers... you can now easily reference the author of content you're sharing, in your Tweets.

Why would I want to do that?

Great question. The main reasons are:

  • To give credit to the person who wrote the article you're mentioning
  • To get the attention of the author, so they realize you're referencing their work

This blog post by Kissmetrics (#1 - Promote Others) explains it well.

How does it work?

You'll notice on the Add Post and Add Feed pages, a new "Twitter Author" field, like so:

Twitter Author field

So when you're adding a new Post or setting up a new Feed, whenever possible, you should include the Twitter author. Just paste their Twitter handle (without the "@" in front). If you're not sure what it is, take a look at the website your article is from, or the RSS feed is from, and see if you can see a Twitter icon. Oftentimes that links to their Twitter profile page.

For all you Trending Content users, you're also in luck. We'll be including the Twitter author in Tweets for Trending Content items from now on too!

In case you're wondering, here's an example of what one of these Tweets looks like:

Twitter Author in Tweet

Pretty powerful stuff. Now get out there and reference some authors!


Kane Miller from DoSocial

Kane has a background in computer engineering, but now focuses on creating new and interesting web services. His passion for social media and marketing encouraged him to create DoSocial.

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