What is Social CRM?

Every business out there, be it online or offline, have their own approaches and strategies towards sending out the word about their business, managing the budget, marketing their products and services, and observation of customer feedback. But most of these companies lack a “personal touch”.
What is Social CRM

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Social CRM is the addition of social elements to traditional CRM. This process revolves around leveraging a social media element that enables a company to connect with their customers and build a constructive relationship with their clients to produce even better results, not just with regards to net income. With the help of popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, CRM easily becomes a unique and personal experience for your customers.   

Don’t you want your customers to be at ease knowing that your company cares for more than just their money...that you actually want to build a solid relationship? Sometimes “Caring is more than enough” as Vaynerchuk would usually say. Customer interaction should not only be applied after your customers have bought your products and only to ask them feedback on how the product performed.  That alone is enough to imply to your customers that you only care about the product, you didn’t even ask how their day was, yet you expect them to comply to a message from someone they barely know?  What’s in it for them?

Knowing your Customer

​​Customer interaction must begin in the process of marketing your products and services. Knowing what to sell, whom to sell it to, and how to sell it are all very important key factors in developing a strong community that will support your products.  And even more so, a fan base that’s just brimming with excitement awaiting the release of your next products. Ask around, create a survey of sorts. What do they want? What do they need? Simple but deep questions like these are usually what customers are looking for. Give them something to buy that’s actually what they want or need, not something you would force on a customer because you advertise it well enough for them to buy it. Start walking in the shoes of the customer and I assure you, you’ll soon be walking in the shoes of a millionaire.

Customer Feedback

Just because you own your company or you’re the person who invented a certain product or service, this doesn’t mean that your role is over, my friend. Sometimes adding a personal touch to getting customer feedback after they’ve tried out some of your products and services is more than enough to get them to want more of it. Step down from your high horse and let your customers know that you’re here for them! Don’t let them call you, you call them.  Ask how their day was, interact with them as if they were your own friends and not just customers. Put them in a safe haven and assure them that whatever goes wrong or if there’s any input they can give you towards making a better product...“I’m all ears”.

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Nimble, the Social CRM platform, has released a new iPhone app. The new Nimble iOS app comes a week after updates to the user interface design of their web experience including the search bar, task and collaboration notifications, help center and inactivity notifications.

Mitchell 1 Adds Website Service To Social CRM


Mitchell 1 said having a business website creates a central point of contact for repair shops and with this service, the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM support team will help build an expertly-designed website that presents the shop’s brand consistently across all of their marketing touchpoints. The service also will keep website content up to date and be search engine optimized.

“Our SocialCRM marketing agents talk to shops every day about how important it is to present a consistent brand image so they can be more visible on the Internet,” said Brian Warfield, senior product manager for Mitchell 1 SocialCRM.


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