What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

What does a social media manager actually do? Most people might assume this is a pretty straightforward gig, and that anybody could do it. But you'd be surprised at how complex it can be, and what separates the cream of the crop of social media managers from the guys who can't cut it.
what does a social media manager do

As technology progresses and social media rapidly becomes one of our daily basic necessities, it is rather imperative and almost a given to anyone who runs a business (online or offline), to harness its power.

But who do you run to, when you yourself don’t even have the slightest clue on how to use a Twitter account? Why not hire a Social Media Manager to handle your public affairs and help you sell your products? 

There are a lot of things that a businessman (or woman) such as yourself needs to know before hiring a Social Media Manager. However the most significant trait you should look for in a Social Media Manager is the “can-do” attitude, wherein they can do almost anything (even without the experience or the knowledge) and learn whatever is required to help your business grow.

So what does a Social Media Manager do after you hire them? What should you expect from the work and results they give you? We here at DoSocial will cite a few criteria a Social Media Manager must meet so that, you, the client will be at ease knowing that your business is in good hands.

Creating Content

The content that a Social Media Manager must release to the public for marketing purposes is a key component to helping their clients build their online reputation. Experience as a blogger and article writer will surely be a necessary requirement of any aspiring Social Media Managers out there. Also, it's important that they are able to create and adapt content which is complementary to the specific networks your client wishes to target.  In other words, content for Pinterest and Instagram is obviously different than content for LinkedIn.

Market Analysis

As roles in the marketing industry become increasingly short of supply, a good Social Media Manager must be able to research data, analyze it, and utilize the final results in an efficient manner. Data such as Macro Data, wherein you have to categorize and organize a large amount of raw data so that the results will be easier for both the clients and their customers to understand. And even handling micro data for content positioning. They must be able to regularly check data and make informative decisions for testing out new strategies, content and marketing campaigns.

Thankfully, there's plenty of tools to help with this type of analysis. Here's some options:

  • TweetReach
  • Klout
  • Mention
  • Social Mention
  • Addictomatic
  • TweetDeck

Media Hunter

In the uncharted jungles of Social Media, everything is just downright noisy, with random things happening here and there, and sometimes nothing makes sense because too many things are all happening at the same time. A Social Media Manager needs to thrive in these situations, where normal people would probably faint out of confusion. They must be able to target the important people, jot down anything and everything they say, they need to be a hunter able to respond and react accordingly with ease. With these skills, they can find opportunities of when and where to strike to keep their clients’ businesses afloat.

What I'm trying to say is, a Social Media Manager must be good at keeping their finger on the pulse of online trends.  They must be always learning, always finding the next "hot" social media platform, and exploit it to its fullest extent.

Customer Service

A Social Media Manager needs to be the voice of the company, to the variety of audiences their company face those including their customers, potential customers, critics, journalists, and even fans of their products and services. He will frequently receive comments and questions about the company’s products, services and even the content; and as the Social Media Manager of this specific company, he must be able to face them with a resolute and calm attitude.

Here are a few more requirements a Social Media Manager must have:

  • Be familiar with the company, business and the client you work for - their products, services and even the content made by anyone in the company other than you.
  • Create complementary strategies to showcase the company’s identity, goals and reputation.
  • You, as a Social Media Manager must have your own brand and definition of what it means to be a Social Media Manager.
  • Categorize tools and apps to be used for each specific campaign.
  • Must be prepared to tackle a social media crisis.  Did someone in your company accidentally send out a nude picture in a Tweet? (this actually happens, believe it or not)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and experience is a necessity.

Here at DoSocial, we offer a variety of tools to help social media managers do their jobs more efficiently.  If you're a small business owner and can't afford to hire your own social media manager, you can even use our platform yourself.


Chris Villanu from DoSocial

Chris loves social media. He has years of experience working with a variety of platforms:  everything from LinkedIn to Instagram to Google+. Chris has helped numerous businesses expand their web presence and achieve online success, and has joined the DoSocial team to help share his expertise.

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