What Are the Top 10 Social Media Sites?

Whether you're a marketer or someone who spends quality time building a personal or company brand, there are ten social media sites that deserve your attention.
What Are the Top 10 Social Media Sites

#1 - Facebook

With 900,000,000 monthly visitors, Facebook is the king of social media networking hubs. Its mission is to give people sharing-power and to make work a more open and connected place. Facebook is primarily used by people intent on connecting with friends and family members. Members love sharing both the little and big things about what's going on in their world--expressing it in a way that matters to them.

#2 - Twitter

With 310,000,000 monthly visitors, Twitter is the perfect networking destination for people who want to share information about breaking news, real-time marketing intelligence, their business, and to build valuable partnerships with customers and industry influencers. Whatever, your business, Twitter makes it easy to engage with customers and audiences.

#3 - LinkedIn

The site presently boasts 2,550,000 unique monthly visitors and is available in 23 languages. From networking for a new career to discovering and sharing the buzz about the latest industry trends, LinkedIn is the place for professionals to connect and communicate. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and make it easier for your next employer to find you.

#4 - Pinterest

With 250,000,000 monthly visitors, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks on the face of the planet. While it was started purely as a site where people could share beautiful, visual images, marketers have found a way to market and brand their image in a visual way. Now, there are a number of books on the market on how to find success with Pinterest.

#5 - Google+

Google Plus logs 120,000,000 monthly visitors. Owned by the mighty Google, this platform is a networking site and an authorship tool for people looking to become influencers.

#6 - Tumblr

This site's estimated monthly visitor count is 110,000,000. With Tumblr, members can share anything, including quotes, music, links, videos, texts and photos. What makes it different than other platforms is that members can customize colors and personal themes.

#7 - Instagram

Instagram logs over 100,000,000 monthly users. Instagram offers a fast and friendly way to share. You're encouraged to take a picture and transform its look and feel to your own liking. You can choose to share on Facebook and Twitter.

#8 - VK

If you're not familiar with VK, it's Russia's largest site for social medial sharing with 80,000,000 monthly visitors. The Russians happen to be the most active social network users in the world. The site is rumored to be more efficient than Facebook. VK can access content from anywhere on the web. Very little is beyond its reach.

#9 - Flickr

Flickr's goal is to get as many photos and videos online as possible. Share photos privately, or choose not to. Flickr's 65,000,000 users are loyal customers.

#10 - Myspace

Once the king of social media networks, its emphasis has always focused on music. Users can still create web pages to interact with other users.

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