Twitter Management Tools

If you do social media marketing, you need a good Twitter management tool. It's crucial to harness the power of these tools, to save both time and money for your company. Find out what the industry experts prefer!
Twitter Management Tools


Here are a few apps, sites, and tools I personally recommend you try out for yourself!

Twitter Management Tools


TweetDeck is one of the original Twitter management tools, and definitely one of the most popular.  You can use it to organize and create custom timelines, track lists, monitor searches, and manage your Twitter activity.  TweetDeck is also a great tool for following specific hashtags #.

It even has its own URL-shortening service,, which you can use to post content > 140 characters.


TwitterFeed doesn't offer as many features as some of its competitors, but it's great at what it does offer:  automatic posting of your content from RSS feeds to your Twitter accounts.

But that's not all, it also lets you post content to Facebook and LinkedIn. I started using TwitterFeed probably 3-4 years ago and my account is still humming along nicely today.


HootSuite is arguably the most popular Twitter management tool in use today.  It's a powerhouse as far as functionality is concerned, but many people find it too pricey as well.

You can use HootSuite to schedule and manage your content being posted to a variety of social channels...everything from Facebook to Google+ to LinkedIn, and even WordPress.

It has a great analytics tool too, which allows you to monitor your marketing ROI by tracking the impact of your posts, how engaged your followers are, and much more.

Furthermore, HootSuite has a collaboration module, which allows team members to work together, assign each other tasks, etc.  This is useful for mid-to-large companies that have multiple people doing social media marketing.


The newest entry into the Twitter management tool arena, DoSocial's goal is to be the easiest-to-use social media management tool out there.  You can use it to manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles (with more to come).  You can schedule posts and even hookup RSS feeds to automate your content.  It's also a freemium tool, and has a lot of great features for free.


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