Social Media Tracking Tools

Social media has become a popular trend all around the globe. Even various businesses and companies have used social media to interact with their customers. Marketing and public relations firms even offer social media as a service to offer to their clients.
social media tracking tools

One of the most important things to know about social media is how to effectively track activity.  If you're just blindly blasting out messages to your followers, without knowing any metrics about your marketing campaigns, how can you know what to improve upon?

What is social media tracking?

First, it is best to know what social media tracking is and what it entails. Social media tracking is the act of using a tool to track what is said on the internet via various social media networks. It is also called social media monitoring, social media listening and social media measurement. This is used to collect and mine data for current industry trends and to seek consumer intelligence. It allows businesses to track consumers' comments about their brands, products and services. This also allows major enterprises to locate specific keywords on blogs and websites.

Google Analytics

Next, let’s discuss some of the popular options for social media tracking. One option is Google Analytics. It generates detailed statistics about the traffic and its sources from a website. It also measures conversions and sales. Instead of it being for webmasters and technologists, Google Analytics is for marketers. For more information about Google Analytics, visit

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is another option. It provides its Page owners and Platform developers with metrics that are around the content. Facebook Insights analyze the trends that are within the content consumption and user demographics. Visit for more information on Facebook Insights.


Gotta throw our own hat into the mix :)  DoSocial allows you to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. It's perfect for an online business owner, or even an agency that manages multiple clients. You can schedule posts to be sent out to your channels at specific times, and even use RSS feeds to automate your marketing campaigns.  You can sign up here.


There are social media tracking tools that track information from various social media platforms. Hootsuite is a popular service that allows users to manage their social networks. With this tool, users can schedule posts and messages and engage audiences. Hootsuite allows you to manage Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many other social networks.


TweetDeck (as the name suggests), is used for managing Twitter.  You can build custom timelines, keep track of lists, searches, activity, and more.  It's easy to track hashtags and topics with TweetDeck.  You can also use it to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Social Mention

Social Mention allows you to track and measure what people are saying about you or your company.  You simply enter your brand name in the search box, and then instantly view results from around the web, including how "strong" your brand is, and how much "sentiment" or "passion" your followers have for your company.  It's an easy way to view the impact you are having on the internet world.


Klout is another social media tracking tool, but it is different from the other options. Klout is a website and a mobile app that rank its users according to their online influence. It uses social media analytics to rank it users on a scale of 1 to 100.

Now that you have learned the basics of social media tracking tools and its options, it is time for you to use them for monitoring your presence on the web.  Good luck!

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