Social Media Measurement Tools

Today’s most powerful marketing method is through social media. But the biggest challenge that any social media manager, business owner, and even a common employee struggles with is figuring out a way to measure ROI (Return On Investment).


It’s quite taxing, especially when justifying the current budget for social media campaigns. And what better way to lift some of that load off your shoulders than with the help of social media measurement tools!

Here are a few social media measurement tools you should definitely try out if you’re in the business of social media marketing:


This bad boy is an all around social media application equipped with tools to help with management of individual social media sites, and even keeps track of their progress. You have the option to schedule multiple posts simultaneously on different social media channels as well as the access to create more than 30 individual reports on current, past and even future progress of your posts. Certainly an app for those who are starting in social media!


Being able to monitor social media influence on a daily basis isn’t an easy task. And neither is it an exact science, but if you’re prepared enough to face challenges like these, then Klout is most certainly an ally you can count on. It’s got the tools to help you gauge your online reputation accurately and over time.

Facebook Insights

You want something a little more specific? Facebook has provided social media managers and business owners alike access to an app where they can easily view the progress of their facebook pages. Here they can see the number of Likes, number of visitors, shares and even ratings from people who are satisfied enough about the page and indulge themselves to write a short review about the page. They can rate it from 1 star to a maximum of 5 stars. Basically, this part of your Facebook page or channel lets you understand more about your audience both past and present, so that you can prepare for future visitors as well. How your visitors react to your content is critical and adjusting to meet their needs is even more so, so Facebook Insights is indeed an ally.

Twitter Analytics

If Facebook has a way of making things easy for their clients, then Twitter ain’t backing out! Twitter’s Analytics app gives you access to a dashboard, wherein you can track timeline activity in real time. This include tweet that were “favorited”, “retweeted”, and replied to. It can even the number of mentions your page and tweets get on a daily basis, how cool is that?!!!

Google Analytics

If the previous social media titans weren’t enough, Google has it’s own analytics! A part of your account, if you so wish to activate, will grant you full access to the Campaign Tracking option of Google Analytics. Setting up links for social media campaigns with the help of UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) to track those campaigns in real time. The best part is, it’s easy AND it’s free.  You can lay down a railroad of connections all throughout the globe in a matter of days.


Bitly shortens links allowing the users to track visitors easily. A great way to find out how your audience is reacting to your content and how they interact with it to decide whether or not your content is valuable or just trash. Bitly also integrates into several third-party apps and software packages becoming an umbrella tool with multiple functions at your disposal. 

A few more to mention are Buffer, TweetReach and Keyhole. Keep checking back if you want to read more topics related to achieving social media greatness!


Chris Villanu from DoSocial

Chris loves social media. He has years of experience working with a variety of platforms:  everything from LinkedIn to Instagram to Google+. Chris has helped numerous businesses expand their web presence and achieve online success, and has joined the DoSocial team to help share his expertise.

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