How Sharesly Will Drive New Customers To Your Site

When it comes to online marketing, most business owners do the same old thing. You write a blog post, share it to your social media accounts, and hope that your fans and followers will see the message, read your post, love it, and tell the world.

Unfortunately, unless you're an amazing copywriter or just get lucky, this rarely ever drives new traffic to your site.

What if there was an easy way to not only get your own followers to respond to your content...but completely new people as well...people that have never even heard of your company before? Meet Sharesly :)

Sharesly Page example

Rather than bore you with technical jibber-jabber...let's dive right into a real-world example:

1. Find a popular article in your niche

A simple Google search found me this one:

How do I know it's popular? Well thankfully nowadays most blogs have social media counter buttons right on each post. In this case, this post has a whopping 2,846 social shares! That's pretty darn "viral" in my opinion.

2. Add a Sharesly Page

Log into your DoSocial account and go to Sharesly > Add Page.

Sharesly Page example

Page Title: Use the same title as the article you're promoting.

URL to Display: Paste the URL here.

Popover Text: Write something to catch the interest of the visitor, but make sure it relates to the page you're trying to drive them to (your page, not this popular page that you're sharing).

Povover Button Text: Again, use something that'll make people want to click a button.

Button URL: Now this is YOUR URL, it could be a sales page, a squeeze page, a blog post, a signup form...whatever you want. In this case, I'm just using the DoSocial home page.

3. Grab the Sharesly link

After clicking "Save" you'll be redirected back to your list of Sharesly Pages (

Sharesly Pages example

Simply copy the "Shortened URL" to your clipboard.

Now here's what your Sharesly page looks like (see it live):

Sharesly Top 10 Tools example

Notice the highly-visible popover that includes a nice call-to-action, encouraging viewers to check out DoSocial.

4. Share it!

Now you just need to share this link all over the place. The more sharing, the better. Not only are you promoting an article that you know people love (how else could it have gotten thousands of social media shares?) your followers will re-share it to their followers, and so on...but you're also driving new traffic to your own content at the same time. How cool is that?

Places you can share it:

  • Your Facebook Page or profile
  • Tweet it
  • Your Google+ company page or profile
  • Your LinkedIn company page or profile
  • Pin it on Pinterest
  • Post it to Tumblr
  • Post it on forums
  • Email it to your list
  • Text it to your friends and family
  • Write a new blog post about it
  • ...

Hopefully now you can see how powerful Sharesly can be. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions on improving this new tool.


Kane Miller from DoSocial

Kane has a background in computer engineering and a passion for all things internet. He loves building new and unique web services, particularly in the social media realm. He co-founded DoSocial in 2013 in hopes of creating a marketing tool that was easier to use than existing ones, and also offered features never before seen.

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