Most Popular Social Media Sites for Business

Let's take a look at the most popular social media sites for business. We've all heard of them, but perhaps you don't know exactly why each site is a great tool for connecting with your customers, gathering leads, and marketing your brand.

Looking to start a business of your own? Or do you already own a business? In any case are you really getting the most bang for your buck out of your marketing budget? There are 4 key components that can either make or break your business and these are Planning, Supply and Demand, Location and probably the most important of the 4 in today’s internet-driven-world is Advertising.

Whether you’re a marketer, a business owner or work in public relations, the one thing to remember about Advertising is not “How you sell your product” but rather “Why does someone want to buy your product?”. Give your customer a reason of why they should buy your product in the first place because the “How” is only a means of getting your products or services to your customers, and their money into your wallet. You want to focus on future preferences, not just the “now”. Give your customer a reason why they should want more of your products or services and keep them coming back for more.

And how to do this, you’d probably ask. Well, my friend, I’ve got a solution for you and that is by harnessing the power of the most popular social media sites for business. Specifically the best social media sites to help you get the word out about your business. 

Here are the most popular social media sites that can help you and your business get the attention it deserves.


Indulge your customers by making them drool over what your products/services can do for them through visual representation. And what better way to do that than with the help of Pinterest. Using Pinterest’s unique formatting system where it will allow viral content to spread like wildfire because of it’s share feature, “re-pinning” urges quick and successive travel of information from user to user in a matter of hours or maybe even minutes. And I see no signs of it slowing down at all.


Here’s another image-based social media platform for you to market your products and services.  And one of the most popular of the lot since not only is it filled with active people seemingly online all the time, but the site alone averages at about 200 Million Active Users and at least 60 Million Users a day that either post or look at the post of other people. Now imagine your business’ bank account skyrocketing to the roof in a matter of weeks with the help of Instagram.

You get “instant” traffic towards your account in just a few hours because Instagram itself will help you get started with your profile. Again the sharing feature of the site is it’s best quality yet as not only does it enable you to announce to just a few people about your business but quite possibly the entire world as well. So why not try this one out for yourself and see if it tickles your curiosity.


This blogging platform is one of the best sites I can recommend to you right now if you aren’t into using images as a means of marketing, but rather you choose to utilize the power of the mind! Tumblr will certainly be your pen and your sword as you promote your business through posting and blogging in this site.

Gather more traffic towards your sites and businesses by promoting your products and services through self-expression usually coming from teen bloggers. And what does this offer your business in return? Honesty sometimes is the greatest solution to any problem and getting rich through encouraging people to purchase your products and availing your services with the help of personal experience from these young crusaders is no exception. They blog with creativity and style in mind, being able to customize their own domain within Tumblr, so why not hire a few of them, maybe send them a few samples, this and that, blah blah blah. And have them write a blog or article expressing about how they feel and what experiences they can share with other bloggers. By the time you realize it, your business is already trending so fast they’re spamming hashtags with your company’s name.  How cool would that be?


Amongst all the other social media sites, Facebook has remained supreme and not without good reason. Facebook has been an outlet of income since day one from courting small businesses and growing to them into well-known companies of today to the already successful companies that still want their crown to stay on top of their heads.

Only a few businesses survive in today’s market without the capacity to drive a nationwide scale of advertising their products and services. And not only that, but so many factors involve the costing and account of revenue for each fiscal year. But Facebook says “NO!” to that, they want to help each and every entrepreneur and businessman out there produce enough income they can actually buy themselves a new car for a change.

One of many ways Facebook works with your business is that they introduce deals and reviews about your company (written by bloggers who have sampled or read your products and services of course) and provide you with a plethora of effective tools towards influencing Facebook users into at least taking a look at some of your products. Another one would be to gain revenue through ads that are placed on other people’s accounts and pages (with their permission of course and they are also paid which is how some people earn a lot by letting large companies advertise their products and services through their pages which have a lot of visitors due to the unique content they provide their visitors) and that these ads have a huge potential return of investment.

I can go on and on of the many ways Facebook can help you grow your business into a great company (you can try advertising through private messages but takes a lot of time unless you got people to do it for you) but all I can is this, if there’s any site that can be informative, spontaneous, and engaging enough that they can sell the shirt you’re wearing right now, it’s Facebook, my friend.  


This social media site is one of the most powerful business advertising tools in my personal opinion. With over a hundred million people logged in everyday, LinkedIn offers the one of the most innovative option in the history of marketing, the “Groups” option. The possibilities of this option alone is endless. Imagine creating a company of writers who work at home to make a living through the use of internet connection whilst you yourself can relate and communicate to them through the “Groups” option. Everyone is on the same page as you are and even your clients want to engage with you on a personal level unique only to your company. If you got events that have been set a month early, your customers will be alerted at the same time and probably even people who are related to your customers will also want to be there since the “Groups” option has no limitation as long there isn’t one that is being set by the admin himself but no one would to go bankrupt because of selfishness right?

Don’t you want everyone, every paying customer out there to know that you’re holding an event a month from now and want to get as much revenue from it as possible? LinkedIn can help you with that!

Hopefully this helps you learn more about these popular social media sites, and how they can help you grow your business. Good luck!


Chris Villanu from DoSocial

Chris loves social media. He has years of experience working with a variety of platforms:  everything from LinkedIn to Instagram to Google+. Chris has helped numerous businesses expand their web presence and achieve online success, and has joined the DoSocial team to help share his expertise.

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