How Sharesly gets you VIRAL traffic

I wanted to share (pun intended) some impressive numbers we've been seeing from Sharesly pages lately...
How Sharesly gets you VIRAL traffic

Here's a Sharesly link that went viral and hit a peak of about 300 views on June 28:

Sharesly viral 1

And here's another one that reached almost 600 views on its biggest day:

Sharesly viral 2

This one hit it big more recently, on July 2:

Sharesly viral 3

We've been seeing a ton of Facebook traffic to these Sharesly pages. It's also interesting that the majority of it has been from mobile devices. (Sharesly pages are responsive, so they look great on all screen sizes)

Sharesly Facebook referrals

If you aren't already on the Sharesly train, check out this article to get started using this powerful marketing tool:

And as always, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help :)


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