How DoSocial can help your social media management

Do you run a small business, manage social media, or perhaps you’re involved in a startup? If so, I’d like to introduce you to DoSocial, a new social media management tool that helps your business get more attention, with little effort on your part.
How DoSocial can help your social media management


Sharesly is the face of DoSocial ... you can see it anywhere content is shared! Whenever you see great content around the web and you want to share it with your followers, what usually happens is you’re basically giving other people free traffic without getting your own fair share and that’s not good for your business. With Sharesly, the content you share gets an elegant Call-To-Action (CTA) popover button on the side of the page (plus social buttons should you choose to enable them).

Sharesly example

Now, every time you share an interesting article to your social media channels, anyone who reads it will be presented with whatever you choose in the Sharesly popover. This is a great way to reach a new set of customers that otherwise would never hear about your brand. Easy right?

If that isn’t enough to get you what you want, also comes with a neat customization feature which gives you control as to how you want that CTA to look ... so get those creative juices flowing! If you own an online store, you can also add tracking tags to your Sharesly pages, as these will help you monitor and improve your marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to find out what your followers and customers like, what they clicked on, and other stuff like their demographics. This essentially gives you an edge because you’ll know how to adjust your remarketing strategy with little to no effort.

Sharesly - add page

Now you may ask - “Why did Chris start with Sharesly when DoSocial offers a lot more features that are easy-to-use, especially for beginners like me?” Well let’s look at this way - you own an online shoe store, you want to get more followers. But how? Through the help of influencers and blogs. So you go find content worth sharing with your followers and hope that they’ll share it with other people as well. But you want them to go to your site as well after reading that article ... this is where Sharesly will shine.

If you can create an awesome CTA, make it look soothing to the theme of your online store and accompanied by some catchy popover text, people will surely click it! Just ONE link can change the entire landscape of your marketing strategy! But it doesn’t stop there, once you start converting those followers into customers you’ll want them to stay. How? With the help of tracking tags you’ve embedded into your Sharesly page, you’ll be able to find out what kind of shoes they want, what time of the year they wanna buy them (it’s the holidays in just a few months!) and not only will you be able to keep your loyal customers, you might actually snag a few more along the way.

You’ll go from a small, online shoe store to being a major player in no time! Of course this goes without saying that it also requires effort. But if you want to find out how to maximize that link you just made, then keep reading.

Post Scheduling

DoSocial (like most social media tools today) also offers a post scheduling option. Usually most people would use this feature when they’ve just published a new article and want it to be posted on at a specific time to all their social media channels. Some use it to schedule posts about pending updates to their site in advance, or maybe some news related to their niche that was just recently released.

Post scheduling

In any case, DoSocial’s post scheduling functions similarly to the other social media management tools available … that is until Sharesly came into the spotlight. Now, you can schedule Sharesly links in advance to help squeeze some extra traffic from your social posts.

Posts - Sharesly

Find some awesome content, put some catchy popover text in your CTAs, set it up on DoSocial’s post scheduling feature, and watch your traffic and conversion rates skyrocket. Not only are you sharing valuable content to your followers and potential customers, you’re also reaching out and helping a lot of influencers and content creators who otherwise wouldn’t get noticed without you.

I know this may sound too specific, but it’s the way I do it, and I HIGHLY recommend you use this method as well if you want to maximize your usage of links.


I’m hoping you’re familiar with the concept of a feed. DoSocial’s approach to handling feeds is a bit unique, though. When you’ve become a loyal follower of an influencer in your niche who has his own blog, you most definitely want to share it with your own followers right? With DoSocial, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You need only take the RSS feed URL of the blog, hook it up to DoSocial and you’re done.

Feeds - add new

Whenever that blog releases new content, it will automatically be posted to all your social media channels at the time of day you scheduled. You can also opt for it to be curated (which means you have to approve each post manually). But if you’re just as busy (and lazy) as me or have a ton of confidence in that site’s ability to produce valuable content, then you can turn off the curation option.

Sorry if it sounds too specific and a bit too commanding, but I REALLY want to help you maximize your Sharesly links to cover as much ground as possible. Take it this way, whenever feeds posts something to your social media channels you’re giving your followers something valuable to read, watch, listen to - plus it’s almost guaranteed to be fresh from the oven, so to speak.

And because they’re YOUR followers this gives you an edge. And not only that, but if you keep this up eventually those influencers and content creators will take notice of YOU which can open up many more opportunities.

And finally… DoSocial’s latest creation…

Trending Content

Trending Content

Sharesly, post scheduling, and feeds are incredible features of DoSocial, but all meet the same requirement for any of them to work - which is you have to scour deep into the web in order to find the most interesting and valuable content available.

And let’s not forget that people love reading stuff that’s current! But what if you just don’t have time (or are just too lazy) to find these amazing content jewels? And even if you did, would you really go as far as making a Sharesly link from it and then scheduling it to be posted at a later date? Even if the RSS feeds that you are using are from the fastest and most active content creators available, you’d still have to figure out what’s truly worth sharing with your followers.

So, take your automated social media campaign to the next step with DoSocial’s Trending Content tool!

Trending Content - add

Trending Content automatically posts the most recent and most valuable content to your social channels up to 6 times a day. And the best part is that you can still make use of’s power in converting those followers into customers. Finding niche-specific content is already an arduous task as it is … now imagine if someone would do it for you, and all you really have to do is sit down, relax, and have a nice cup of tea (or coffee, heck even a beer, whatever you’re into!).

Trending Content - schedule

DoSocial has on staff some of the most experienced “Content Experts” to find those jewels for YOU. You only need to select the type of content you want, lineup the schedule for the week and you’re good to go! Not only will you be able to flush the smell of being too “self-promotional” which results in your followers getting annoyed and leaving you, you’ll also keep them interested in your brand whilst giving the value they deserve.

Some of the topics that are currently available in Trending Content:

  • content marketing
  • blogging
  • Facebook
  • online shopping
  • USA
  • dogs
  • comics
  • modeling
  • alients
  • … and many more!

Now talk about a dish that’s best served hot! I’m not only a staff member, but I’ve been an avid DoSocial user for more than a year now and even though (of course) I’m biased, it’s been a lifesaver for my day-to-day marketing.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out or even a veteran in the front lines, DoSocial doesn’t care about that. What they care about is YOU and helping YOU reach YOUR social media marketing goals.

Now get started making your social marketing life a whole lot easier:

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