You can now reference the Twitter author!

I've got some good news for you Twitter marketers... you can now easily reference the author of content you're sharing, in your Tweets.

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How DoSocial can help your social media management

Do you run a small business, manage social media, or perhaps you’re involved in a startup? If so, I’d like to introduce you to DoSocial, a new social media management tool that helps your business get more attention, with little effort on your part.

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Having trouble finding kickass social media content? We've got you covered!

We've just launched a new tool called "Trending Content" that everyone around the (virtual) office is extremely pumped about...

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How Sharesly gets you VIRAL traffic

I wanted to share (pun intended) some impressive numbers we've been seeing from Sharesly pages lately...



You can now add custom tracking tags to your Sharesly pages!

You can now add custom tracking tags / pixels to your Sharesly pages! These help you monitor and boost your marketing campaigns. This is some pretty powerful stuff if used correctly.

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Tumblr? Oh yeah!

We had a lot of folks request Tumblr, so we worked long and hard, slaved away at our computers, drank countless cups of coffee, and are happy to announce that it's now available!



Posting to Facebook Groups? It's here!

We've had a ton of requests to add Facebook Groups as a channel, and by golly we listened! You can now post to your heart's content. You don't even have to be an admin of a group to post to it; you can be a regular 'ol member.

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Only pull new RSS feed items

We've added a new field the the Feed setup page that allows you to choose whether DoSocial will pull *all* your feed items, or only new ones.

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Custom Short Codes Now Available for Sharesly!

We just rolled out a new Sharesly feature that allows you to add a custom short code when you create a new page.



You can now enter different URL variations in Sharesly

We've rolled out an enhancement to Sharesly, which allows you to enter different URL variations when you're adding a page.



How Sharesly Will Drive New Customers To Your Site

When it comes to online marketing, most business owners do the same old thing. You write a blog post, share it to your social media accounts, and hope that your fans and followers will see the message, read your post, love it, and tell the world.

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