16 Social Media Tools To Explode Your Business

Building a solid relationship between your company and your customers is what something that every entrepreneur should be prioritizing. And who better to help you than social media? Right now social media is more effective and far-reaching than ever, and it’s only going to get better.
16 Social Media Tools To Explode Your Business

Bringing industry news, product updates, service rollouts, and more right to your customers’ doorsteps and not letting other competitors beat you to it, is crucial in today’s internet world. Give your customers what they aren’t getting from other companies, and they’ll be begging for more.

Now, now, just because I got you drooling over the possible outcome for your company’s growth, doesn’t mean you should go running out there all willy-nilly and terrorize the interwebs. Developing a brand for your company requires patience, a well planned strategy and of course, the tools to help you achieve your goals.

Here are 16 powerful social media tools that can help you explode your business:



Klout is a social media tool that can help companies create and monitor their internet influence (hence the word ‘klout’) and help drive your customers and potential customers to read your content, buy your products, avail services and more. Sharing content to gather leads for your company is something that is earned. Responses from your audience (be it good or bad) are more than enough to consider that your company already holds a steady grip of influence. Klout also helps you connect to the world’s top brands to reach your customers.

How Klout works

Klout influence

Klout uses a unique measuring system called “Klout Score”. Klout score is a number between 1-100 representing your brand’s current influence. The more influential your company is then your corresponding Klout score should increase. A high Klout score means that you’re reaching a lot of current and potential customers with your content.

Ways to improve your Klout Score

  1. Create quality content
  2. Use Klout to post it to your various social accounts (connecting all of your social media networks to Klout can really help grow your Klout score)
  3. Your content reaches your current and potential customers
  4. Klout calculates your overall score (using likes, shares, retweets, favorites, etc.)
  5. From there on, you can figure out what’s wrong with your content, what you need to improve, what content should be posted on what social network, etc. All these factors will help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns.



SocialFlow is a tool that helps its users increase social media post and content reach, company to customer engagements and vice-versa (using comments, messages, suggestions, etc.), and link conversions that lead potential customers to your company site. It also provides accurate data on how to approach each social media network and its communities.

SocialFlow usage

SocialFlow has 3 main subscriber channels they make available to their users. I will show you how all of them work on a general basis. If you want to learn more about these channels, I suggest you go to SocialFlow’s site and choose which one suits your company best.

How SocialFlow works

  1. Releases posts and content in a timely manner. Relevance of audience and customer reach is then optimized.
  2. Identifies complementary and best performing posts to amplify advertising results.
  3. Integrates posts and content into social media networks with platform-specific ad vehicles.
  4. Develops new advertising opportunities that extend your company page and content reach for potential customers.



Zapier is an easy-to-use social media tool designed to reduce your workload. It lets you connect both personal and business web apps, making it a lot easier for you to schedule and automate repetitive and tiresome tasks. It’s like an automated assistant ready to do your every bidding and lets you get back to the things that really need your attention. Fast and simple is the way to go!

If you’re familiar with IFTTT (If This Then That), you’ll find Zapier a breeze to pick up.

How to use Zapier

  1. Sign up and make a Zap. You don’t even have to worry if you’re not tech savvy. They make it super simple.
    Zapier 1
  2. Sit back and let the app do most of the work. You can monitor Zapier activity through your dashboard, handle multiple accounts, and switch Zapier on and off anytime you want!
    Zapier 2



Rignite will help your company acquire more social media activity. They make it easier for your company to reach potential customers, generate a steady flow of income, as well as more audience engagements and growth in productivity...all through the power of social media.

How Rignite works

  1. Marketing Campaigns - Marketing is all about reaching goals with great results and little drawbacks. Increase the number of followers in your social accounts, enhance CRM, sell more, and make sure your customers stay with your for the long run. A goal-oriented campaign run from a single easy-to-use app at your disposal.
    • Let your customers know that you appreciate them! Boost customer experience through incentives on popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.
    • For potential customers, force your brand into their faces (well maybe ‘force’ isn’t the best word) through contests and more.
    • Advertise more and sell more.
    Rignite 1
  2. Monitoring Tools
    • Monitor your company’s progress in social media networks through multiple accounts.
    • Find more opportunities to grow your brand.
    • Rignite makes it easier for you to locate your target market and also find valuable content to advertise through customizable filters.
    Rignite 2
  3. Analytic Tools
    • Use comparison tool to find what your audience thinks of your products and content, and see which posts get more responses.
    • Receive reports on how you’re doing on a daily basis, with your communities, groups and other pages associated with your company. This helps give you a heads up on what your next move should be.
    • See which links have the most activity, clicks, engagements and more.
    Rignite 3
  4. Social Collaboration - What better way to get more customer reach than with the help of other brands!
    • Tag other successful companies and brands when posting content.
    • If your company is large enough, organize teams for separate activities to cover more ground.
    • Rignite 4



If your company intends to engage in social media campaigns, then Komfo can be a great wingman (for a nominal price). Komfo believes social media itself has systematically changed the way a company interacts with its customers. This involves communication, feedback, sales reports, and other important factors that contribute to creating great new products and improving current products. Right now, taking advantage of the power of social media is the best route for any company that wants to put themselves on the map.

How Komfo works

Komfo offers 6 suites that work cohesively to promote your brand. I’ll be listing its general functions but if you want to find out more about the tools that Komfo offers, go to their site, sign up, and try it out for yourself.

  1. Social Media Marketing Suite - this suite will assist your company in understanding the social media networks your company is currently affiliated with. Understanding how each community and groups interact with others is a big impact to sales and potential customer reach. And it can help you come up with a strategy to implement a cost efficient social media marketing campaign.
    Komfo 1
  2. Facebook Ad Manager - helps you to split test and optimize your Facebook ads to get the highest ROI.
    Komfo 2
  3. Social Media Analytics - understanding influence and community reactions towards your content is one of the many things that will skyrocket your company to lead and even create your own trends.
    Komfo 3
  4. Social Media Publisher - publish quality content to your fans and potential customers.
    Komfo 4
  5. Social Media Monitor - listen to the buzz surrounding your products in social media networks and receive alerts if your brand is discussed in a variety of communities and groups.
    Komfo 5
  6. Facebook App Library - harness the power of Facebook apps to give your audience a reason to stay with your brand long enough for them to actually want to interact...and maybe even buy something :)
    Komfo 6



Now, having people unfollow your company’s Twitter account isn’t necessarily bad. It just means that you have to further improve your customer service, tweak your products, and up the ante for your content and posts. One of ManageFlitter’s unique values is that it allows you to track the people who unfollowed you. This allows you to find out the reason why they unfollowed. Maybe they weren’t interested with your content? Maybe you were doing too much marketing or advertising? Whatever the reason may be, ManageFlitter can help you find it.

ManageFlitter also offers many other features, like sorting your followers, reaching more potential customers, finding out the peak hours your followers are usually online, managing multiple Twitter accounts, and much more.

The easiest way to get noticed in Twitter is through “Power Posting” - by constantly posting content on different intervals and peak hours your reach becomes wider and more effective. You can even choose those communities and groups that will be able to promote your brand even further.

Here’s how to use ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter 1
ManageFlitter 2
ManageFlitter 3
ManageFlitter 4



As an entrepreneur, you need to enter the world of content marketing and social media networking with a lot of style and flare! Viralheat helps you do this. It’s a social media management platform that embodies the very essence of what it means to get the attention of the audience. ViralHeat empowers businesses, from those who are starting out, to major enterprises…all with the help of social media. By constantly listening, learning, and growing with your customers, you can build a foundation of trust, meaningful communication, and most of all derivative sales.

How Viralheat works

Viralheat was designed to provide a means of unifying a comprehensive set of tools for social media marketing and management all packed into one affordable suite.

  1. Monitoring - monitor live conversations and see who’s talking about your company, your products, and your content. Supported across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Create “Smart Streams” for each social channel and identify which ones are currently trending so you can intelligently work up content to drive more insights and reach to your brand.
    Viralheat M1
    Viralheat M2
    Viralheat M3
  2. Analytics - flowing cash into your company’s bank account is easy enough compared to publishing the right content to the right crowd. Attracting audiences and reaching a lot of communities is great, but you need to know their language and culture as well. ViralHeat helps you do this by allowing you to review current trends, get as much valuable keywords as possible, and make meaningful choices to decide the next plan of action to maximize revenue.
    Viralheat A1
    Viralheat A2
    Viralheat A3
  3. Publishing - Viralheat simplifies the process of publishing for you. You can post on multiple social media platforms spanning across the web, do daily updates, quality images, links, and scheduled messages. On top of that, Viralheat is also generous enough to provide their clients an app that makes Facebook marketing easier.
    Viralheat P1
    Viralheat P2
    Viralheat P3



Developing an intimate relationship with your customers is an arduous task if one does not tread lightly. The slightest mistake could anger your audience and quite possibly even cause you to lose valuable customers. Shoutlet is an enterprise-level social media management app specifically designed to help businesses understand more about their customers, relate to them, grow their list of social communities, and ultimately drive the company towards creating a solid marketing plan.

Aside from that, Shoutlet can also perform scheduled posting on multiple social media platforms, management of communities, pages, and more, making it quite easy for any social media manager to address the needs of their customers and fans.

How Shoutlet works

The core principle of any social media relationship is knowing your customer. Shoutlet Profiles is a customer affinity database that helps you identify your customers and communities. This database tackles all available channels on the web (not just social media platforms). Be it promoting your brand, improving CRM, or driving sales; it doesn’t matter, Shoutlet will simplify things for you and your business through data-driven decisions that will result in sending the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Shoutlet Profile

  1. Plan and Execute Social Content - effectively organize, plan, and execute quality social media content on all social media platforms. Work together with teams spanning across your company to manage social communication and maintain a healthy brand consistency.
    Shoutlet 2
  2. Reach and Engage Target Customers - strengthen customer relationships. Engage the right audience with optimized quality content for maximum impact.
    Shoutlet 3
  3. Grow your Social Database - accumulate customer data and event history to create a relevant and meaningful conversation.
    Shoutlet 4
  4. Understand Your Market - identify brand conversations across the web.
    Shoutlet 5
  5. Measure Social Impact - measure the reports and analyze metrics to track your company’s success in multiple social media platforms.
    Shoutlet 6



As many fly-by-night competitors have come and gone, Hootsuite has slowly grown into one of the leading social media management platforms. It’s easy to manage multiple streams like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and even FourSquare. Hootsuite makes it possible for you and your marketing team to easily switch around and juggle tedious tasks such as responding to fan conversations without the factor of a headache along the way. Stress is no longer an issue with the help of Hootsuite, as you can coordinate timely responses and manage your marketing schedules effectively.

What Hootsuite offers

The Hootsuite app has a plethora of options for its users to play around with. But the star of the show is its social media services. If you want to know more about Hootsuite’s other services visit their site, sign up, and dive right in.

Hootsuite Offers

  1. Social Media Management - add speed and agility to your social media strategy. Focus efforts on managing a project, working with your clients, and scaling your company on a global scale.
  2. Social Marketing - extend your social media platforms’ reach where it can really make an impact to a lot of communities and groups.
  3. Social Selling - track down quality content leads and grow your list of loyal customers.
  4. Social Customer Service - responding to a customer’s needs immediately is part of creating a mutual relationship with your loyal customers. Be it an app issue, a suggestion, complaint, or simply a desire to converse with one of your employees...Hootsuite makes this process painless.



If your company’s target market is mainly focused on Facebook and Twitter then Crowdbooster is your man (metaphorically speaking). This social media tool will help organize your streams and activities so you will be able to track them easily. Scheduled postings are also offered.

Crowdbooster alerts you of new followers by reminding you of guests who you have not responded to yet and it even goes as far as creating a list for those newly acquired followers. All in all, it’s a great tool to help your company have complete command over your social media growth and customer engagement.

How to use Crowdbooster

  1. Visual feedback about your company’s social media performance - the rate of retweets, replies, impressions, influences, reach, comments, and other social media metrics. These can be organized depending on date, so you can instantly react to your customers’ feedback.
    Crowdbooster 1
  2. Keep track of the growth of your audience and your reach - constant and extensive engagements have their own benefits. Even for one-time social media campaigns, you’ll be able to see effective results.
    Crowdbooster 2
  3. Record customer messages and comments - keep track of every post or tweet, sort them by the most reach, number of replies, comments, etc. So you’ll be able to figure out which posts could be improved upon and which ones were outstanding.
    Crowdbooster 3
  4. Acknowledge your loyal customers - know those fans and followers who love your company and its content and give some love back to them. Find out who your biggest fans are, and build a deeper connection with them.
    Crowdbooster 4
  5. Schedule postings - the right content, to the right community, at the right time. Maximize your post reach with pinpoint accuracy during peak hours.
    Crowdbooster 5

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social is a social media management tool with a dashboard for you to consistently monitor and manage multiple social media accounts and campaigns. It comes with a clean and user-friendly interface with tabs like Messages, Tasks, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports.

You can connect social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sprout Social can also recommend which people, community, or page is best to follow for your brand to receive better awareness and recognition. This social media tool offers many methods of scheduling posts in advance.

What Sprout Social offers

  1. Engage, Publish, & Analyze - streamline your brand across multiple social media platforms.
    Sprout Social 1
  2. World-Class Engagement Tools - reach your followers and customers and keep a healthy relationship with them through responsive communication.
    Sprout Social 2
  3. Fully Integrated Publishing Tools - publish content on the go!
    Sprout Social 3
  4. Centralized Analytics and Reporting - keep tabs on everything that’s going on with your company and its social media activities.
    Sprout Social 4



Rendering services specific to Twitter only, SocialBro has much to prove in terms of reliability and flexibility as a social media management tool. But SocialBro has not backed down from the fight, providing key insights to your Twitter analytics, helping you make informed decisions for targeting a market area and beating your competitors at the same time.

SocialBro can both work independently as well as seamlessly integrate with Buffer and Hootsuite. Together, you can optimize scheduled postings to adjust it better during peak hours.

SocialBro features

Here are a few features in SocialBro’s suite, if you want to find out more about their services and products, visit their website, sign up and try their free trial.

  1. Browse Your Community - acquire in-depth info about your followers and communities. Know your audience and communicate effectively with your customers.
    SocialBro 1
  2. The Best Time To Tweet - post on peak hours when a lot of your followers are online, so they’ll be able to see your Tweets in real-time.
    SocialBro 2
  3. Identity Influencers - locate those loyal and active followers and make them feel that you appreciate their support. Keep track of those important people who have a lot of klout in the internet world.
    SocialBro 3
  4. Analyze Your Competitors - compare your progress with that of your competitors so you can adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.
    SocialBro 4
  5. Discover Twitter Users - find people who will be able to help you advertise your brand... high profile, and influential people. Also find potential customers and promotion opportunities.
    SocialBro 5



For anyone lacking the time or resources to update their social media profiles on a regular basis but still wanting to gain exposure online...you should definitely check out Buffer. It’s a simple yet cost efficient tool for sharing quality content through popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

With the help of Buffer’s scheduled posting feature, you can pretty much sit back and relax while it does all the work for you. Not only that, Buffer also offers extensions to Chromium based browsers and even on Firefox and Safari. This makes sharing and posting content a whole lot easier.

How to use Buffer

  1. Sign up using social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. Or the old-fashioned way...register with your email address.
    Buffer 1
  2. Find great content to share from the web. Use web apps like Buzzsumo or content curating sites like Scoop.it to help you get started.
    Buffer 2
  3. Type in the keyword of desired content and hit search.
    Buffer 3
  4. Choose the content you want to share, then copy the URL.
    Buffer 4
  5. Paste it on the Buffer social media account you wish to share it to.
    Buffer 5
  6. Choose the day and time you want the content shared and hit “Add to queue”.
    Buffer 6



Like SocialBro, TweetDeck focuses on managing your company’s Twitter account. It’s a free social media management tool that comes with a user-friendly interface to oversee the latest trends and activities related to your account. You have the freedom to choose which data shows up, and even customize the dashboard layout.

How to use TweetDeck

  1. Sign up for TweetDeck using the desired Twitter account you want to manage.
    TweetDeck 1
  2. Click the “New Tweet” button on the upper left corner of the web app and input the URL of the content you want to share.
    TweetDeck 2
  3. (Optional) Add an image. Use quality images and if possible high resolution so that your posts get noticed easily.
    TweetDeck 3
  4. Schedule the day and time of the post and then hit Tweet.
    TweetDeck 4

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably the most accurate traffic metric app in existence. Even though the data representation can be overwhelming for a lot of people, if you have patience and know what you’re doing, it’s an extremely powerful tool.

Google Analytics can track your advertising / campaign performance, attributes of visitors to your site (such as country and browser), where your traffic came from (ie. search engines, referring websites, or direct), whether the visitor was on a desktop or mobile device, and much, much more.

What Google Analytics offers

  1. Tag Management - Google Analytics provides a separate app called the Tag Manager. It enables the user to add and update website tags and mobile applications at ease.
    Google Analytics Tag Manager
  2. Remarketing - don’t miss out on those people who didn’t buy your product or service on their first visit to your site. With the help of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track these potential customers and they can see your ads when they visit other websites. How cool is that?
    Google Analytics Remarketing



DoSocial (gotta throw our own hat into the mix!) started out as a web service to automate and manage your social media campaigns, but has grown into something else entirely.

Here’s how it works

  1. Setup Identities - these can represent a business, a client, a brand, etc.
    DoSocial Identities
  2. Add Channels - hook up your social media accounts, pages, and groups.
    DoSocial Add Channel
  3. Add RSS Feeds - any new content will get auto-posted to which channels you select. If you want, you can ever curate each feed item, allowing you to edit and comment on each post.
    DoSocial Add RSS Feed
  4. Manually Publish Content - Easily publish company updates, new product launches, promotions, industry news, whatever you want, to whichever social channels you want. You can even schedule your posts to be published on a future date or time.
    DoSocial Add Post
  5. Facebook Tabs - Now this is pretty cool. You can add a new tab to your Facebook Page that contains your embedded YouTube channel.
    DoSocial Facebook Page YouTube Tab Setup
    Which looks like:
    DoSocial Facebook Page YouTube Tab Example
    You can also add a tab that’s embedded with your Twitter content:
    DoSocial Facebook Page Twitter Tab Setup
    That looks like this:
    DoSocial Facebook Page Twitter Tab Example

Coming up next...we’re working on a tool that allows you to share 3rd party content with an overlay CTA (Call To Action) button that links to your content. Stay tuned!


Chris Villanu from DoSocial

Chris loves social media. He has years of experience working with a variety of platforms:  everything from LinkedIn to Instagram to Google+. Chris has helped numerous businesses expand their web presence and achieve online success, and has joined the DoSocial team to help share his expertise.

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